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Frequently Asked Questions

We at Optimart are always striving to give our customers the highest quality of service . In keeping with that we have put together some Frequently Asked Question that have been ask by some of our customers, we hope that the answers provided will help you make the best possible informed decision.

Q.What is the difference between bifocals and progressive lenses?
A. a) Bifocal’s are for people that need corrective lenses for both distance and reading, which have two different prescription in one pair of glasses. They have a line just below the center of lense that visibly marks the separation of the two different prescriptions. b) Progressives, as you might guess from the sound of it are a little more advanced then bi-focal’s, they function in the same way, however they do not have a line that separates the two prescription visually.
Q. If I only need reading glasses can I wear progressive lenses?

A. Yes, if you prefer not to have to take or put your reading glasses on/off when you need to read something or you simply want to wear a set of stylish glasses at all times & still be able to read, you can request a set of progressive lenses.
Q. I need prescription safety glasses for work, can you help?
A. Yes. We can provide many types of specialty frames from prescription sunglasses to sports glasses like swimming goggles, not to mention flex frames as well as safety eyewear. Here at Optimart we’ve got you covered.
Q. If I order my glasses today when can I receive them?
A. At our Eglinton location we provide one hour service for most single vision prescriptions, as this is where our Lab is located.  Bifocals, Progressives, and specialty eyewear such as swimming goggles or safety glasses take 1- 2 business days.  Our other to locations may have your glasses ready within 2-3 business days
Q. Do children need more then one prescription for reading as well as distance?
A. No, with only one prescription children can see at a distance as well as, being able to read things that are near.
Q. Do you &what kind of Designer/ Premium Frames do you carry?
A. Yes, we carry a wide range of fashionable, designer and premium frames such as Hugo Boss, Guess, RayBan, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and many more high street brands!

Q. What is the difference between Daily Wear Contacts vs. Disposable Contacts?
A. Daily Wear contact lenses are made of much stronger polymer (plastic), which is designed to be long-lasting and to withstand the effects of the contact lens cleaning solution. Disposable contact lenses, be they one day or one week, are meant to be used for their duration and then thrown away. They are made from a different type of polymer, which cause less eye irritation over the length of their use.
Q. Can I wear contacts if I need a bifocal prescription?
A. Yes, There are many manufactures of bifocal contact lenses. Our store optician will select which is the best for you based on your prescription.
Q. Can I wear contact lens even though I have astigmatism?
A. Yes, there is a special type of contact lens for people that have astigmatism. However, being able to wear them also depends on your prescription and the measurement of your cornea.
Q. Do you carry color contact lenses?
A. Yes, we carry both prescription and non-prescription contact lenses in a variety of colors
Q. Do you carry hard contact lenses.
A. Yes, please call or see in-Store for further details
Q. Do you have an Optometrist on-site?
A.Yes, we have an optometrist on site. To Book an Appointment {Click Here} or contacts us by phone to book an appointment.
Q. How often should I have my prescription renewed?
A. In general once a prescription has been made by an optometrist it is valid for up to two years, however if you are experiencing vision difficulties you should visit an optometrist every six months to a year.
Q. Does Optimart have their own Lab?
A.  Yes, our lab is located at our main branch at Markham & Eglinton.  It is a Full Surfacing and edging Lab
Q. Does Optimart, except and deal with my insurance company?
A. Manulife, SunLife, Blue Cross, Telus? Our procedure is simple to work with all insurance Companies. We will contact them and provide them with your personal prescription details at no cost to you. We also deal directly with insurance companies at your sign of benefit for your convenience.
Q. What type of warranty do you provide?
A.  We provide a one year warranty on our glasses which include both the frames and lenses.  We also provide free repairs and adjustments to products still under warranty.