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Color Contacts

Non-Prescription Contact Lenses Starting at $25 dollars a pair.

Bifocal Special and Senior’s Discount

For many of us that wear glasses, whether we be near-sighted or far-sighted, often developed both types of vision impairment as we age. Which eventually requires for us to wear bifocals. With this in mind we at Optimart have decided, that providing a special for seniors on these types of glasses is a way of showing we care and respect our elders, as we would not be without them. Our Senior’s Bifocal Special covers the frames and lenses of one…

Kid’s Eyeglass Special

We all know how rough kids can be on their belongings, or how easily they can misplace things. So here at Optimart we have come up with a prefect solution for the parents of children who wear glasses, which is extremely cost effective and efficient for parents on the go. Our Kid’s Eyeglass Special includes both the lenses and frame. It doesn’t end there, the glasses also come with a one year warranty. This is an all year round special,…